Toby Hemenway Memorial Library

Toby Hemenway

April 23, 1952 – December 20, 2016

In honor of his wisdom and gifts, we have started a Toby Hemenway Memorial Library here at the Permaculture Skills Center (PSC). In February of 2017 we helped transition Toby’s  library away from his house to its new permanent home at the PSC. One of Toby’s students, an alumni of our Ecological Landscaper Management program, commissioned a beautiful inkpad stamp and with it, we marked each book and created an inventory of his extensive collection. This library is available to the public through appointment only and is available to the hundreds of students that pass through our campus each year. If you are local to Northern California and would like to have access to and/or help steward this incredible community resource, please let us know by emailing us at

We also planted a tree guild here in his honor.  Toby deeply loved the work he did here at PSC, and he left a lasting mark on our curriculum and pedagogy. We’d love to continue to be a resource and do the work that Toby so deeply believed in – spreading the principles of permaculture wherever he went – so please keep in touch.